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My Top 5 Tips to Reduce Sugar in the Diet

My Five Simple Steps to Reducing sugar in the Diet! 

One of the biggest goals you have shared here with me is that many people would like to reduce sugar in the diet!

So how did I go from a mom who baked everyday and ate ice cream every night to someone who is conscious of sugar intake? 

Here are my 5 simple steps: 

🔹Read labels! There is sugar in everything! Use the American Heart Association recommendation for women of 25g of sugar per day or less as a STARTING point. Even granola, yogurt, protein bars which you may think of as healthy can have half the allowance for the day of sugar! 

🔹Eat fruits and vegetables for natural energy!  Interestingly enough, bitter greens like arugula, dandelion and endive can actually reverse sugar cravings. Berries are fruits lowest in sugar and many following a low sugar diet will indulge in berries. 

🔹Drink water! Sometimes that afternoon craving for a sweet may be dehydration so aim for half your body weight in ounces daily. 

🔹 I now allow myself time for rest and sleep. Instead of eating ice cream late at night when I am exhausted and bored , I now go to bed. 

🔹Try incorporating cinnamon into your daily routine. Studies show it can be helpful with balancing blood sugar . I use cinnamon in my detox tea every morning! 

Sugar reduction is so important for preventing heart disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and more. Sugar can also trigger an overactive bladder and even affect your skin too. 

Are you reducing sugar in your diet too?  Take it one step at a time! Which step can you easily incorporate into your day?

Want to watch this instead of read this? Head to my latest YouTube video on 5 Ways to Reduce Sugar in the Diet!


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