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Spring is the Perfect Time for a Health Reset

Spring is the perfect time for a reset and to gain the energy that we want to be active for summer!

 As women, after the age of 35, we start to lose muscle mass thus slowing down our metabolism. 

Improving metabolic flexibility allows for the ability to shift easily from different fuel sources including carbohydrates and fats and gives you more energy and improves glucose metabolism. 

Here are some helpful suggestions for increasing metabolic flexibility. 

*Protein- increase protein to 30g per meal  for women to help maintain muscle mass. 

*Sleep and Stress Reduction- poor sleep and stress can release cortisol which can slow down your metabolism and shift you into carb burn. 

*Movement- The American Heart Association recommendation 75 minutes of vigorous exercise or 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week.

*Intermittitent Fasting- even a 12 hour fast can benefit metabolic flexibility.

Lumen is a device that you breathe into the n the morning and it measures your C02 levels. It tells you if you are in Carb Burn or Fat Burn and it gives you a plan for the day.

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Wishing everyone a happy and healthy spring and a wonderful Easter Weekend!

This post is informational only and not medical advice.


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