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Get the Most Out of Your Movement with New Balance Shaped by Superfeet Insoles

** This Post is Sponsored by Superfeet **

Foot pain is often a prohibiting factor to taking long walks, exercising for extended periods of time or even just standing! I often feel the same way when it comes to finding the right fit for my shoes to decrease foot pain and make the most out of my movement. Even while I was working in retail pharmacy, I spent years searching for the right brand of shoe or insole to help increase comfort while working twelve -hour days. This can definitely be a frustrating process!

Now New Balance and Superfeet have partnered to bring the next generation of comfort insoles to the market with YOU at the center of the process. I can completely attest that this partnership combines the podiatric expertise of Superfeet with the iconic excellence of New Balance to bring together a fantastic product. I am loving how comfortable they are even for every-day use!

The fitting instructions indicate that they can easily be trimmed to fit your shoe after removing the old insole, however; I was able to easily slip the insole right into my shoe for an added extra layer of comfort.

I have always had trouble with the fit of my shoes and the arch of the shoe never seems to fit in the right place. I actually often wear heels versus flat shoes for this reason. I could not wait to try out my new insoles for my day that included a vet visit and many walks with my dog who loves to walk!

I actually left my shoes on the entire day because the New Balance Casual Therapeutic Insoles provided super-soft cushioning and pressure-relieving support. Now I can get the most out of each walk or workout. I absolutely love that about these cushioned insoles!

Other insoles that I have tried are super stiff. I love the flexibility of the New Balance Insoles.

Now I look forward to working out and can also experience the most out of all my movement as the New Balance comfortable orthotics help to disperse impact and stress and strain on my body.

The New Balance Casual Therapeutic Insoles also:

· Contour to the foot with the use of therapeutic foam

· Provides gentle support

· Include heel-to-toe cushioning support to protect sensitive areas

If you are looking to make the most of your walks, workouts or even standing and daily movement; I highly suggest trying the New Balance Casual Therapeutic Insoles, I love them, and I know you will too!

Check them out here on Amazon!

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Jodie Filogomo
Jodie Filogomo
03 Μαΐ 2022

They really make our shoes so much better!! I love mine too!! XOOX Jodie

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